I graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2017 with a BA in Design. I have since been working in the marketing and design industry, building my creativity in the professional world.

During my time at Goldsmiths I thoroughly enjoyed learning about different technical skills ranging from Wood work, Moulding & Casting, Coding, Computer Programming, 2DCAD, Graphics, Photography and Textiles. However, my skill set falls into the Adobe Suite - especially Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro, After Effects and Illustrator.

I have 1-2 years experience within the print and digital sectors of design; varying from brand guidelines, PR, animation, photography, to marketing strategy and campaigns.

I continue to sharpen my abilities and learn new tools with freelance design and photography outside of work. I champion the mindset of ‘doers’ and proactive students. Education should constantly be an essential part of life, no matter what stage in our career or personal life we are.

The Goldsmiths Design course demands thinking outside the box, determination, dedication and courage - all of which I feel are valuable traits I offer to a work place. Practical skills can be learned any time and with some practice; mastering an innovative way of thinking is unique. Working competently alone is equally vital to navigating successfully within a team and is something I will always consciously make an effort to practice, as I prefer a social work space to collaborate with exciting ideas.

As quite an adventurous person I'm regularly looking for something new and inspiring, I like to push myself whether it's in sport, academically or professionally. The only constant thing in life is change and I welcome a challenge with an open mind. I prefer to be pushed outside my comfort zone than to stay safe yet stagnant.

Aside from work, I am excited to explore the world, meeting new people and cultures in order to better understand the world I live in, and to explore myself. I value life has many exciting opportunities and I approach it with a positive 'can-do' attitude to get the most out of my time and others around me. I believe personal life intertwines with the working life, and enriching both can in turn nourish and enhance each other equally.