I am currently studying BA Design at Goldsmiths University. I left sixth form with qualifications in English, Art & Design and Media. I still have a strong passion for Media, film and theatre and like to apply this into my studies in design.

During my time on the course so far I thoroughly enjoy learning about different technical skills ranging from Wood, Moulding & Casting, Coding, Computer Programming, 2DCAD, Graphics, Photography and Textiles. I love getting stuck into the practical side of design, discovering how things work, which machines do what action and how. I have a thrust for knowledge about how things work and are made. I also have experience in digital design, such as computer programming and coding. My skills are proficient and I am eager to learn more about such an important area of design in this day and age. 

I regard myself as a keen learner, I constantly push myself in group projects, not only to acquire knowledge about myself, but about working in a team and in the real world. The Design course Goldsmith's run demands thinking outside the box, determination, dedication and courage - all of which I feel are valuable traits I can offer to a work place. Practical skills can be learned any time and with some practice, mastering an innovative way of thinking is unique.

I take an interest in imaginative and creative design, my favourite works are often controversial and 'push the boat out' so to speak. Some designers, theorists and artists I admire include: Damien Hirst, Dr.Gunther, Stuart Hall, Levis-Strauss, Francis Bacon, Alfredo Moser and Alfred Hitchcock to name a few.

In my spare time I enjoy participating in my University's netball team, going to the cinema and visiting as many new places in London as I can, especially the less obvious pockets of surprise the city has to offer. As quite an adventurous person I'm always looking for something new and inspiring, I like to push myself whether it's in sport or academically. 

I have recently had my first taste of travelling abroad, and am excited to start exploring the world, meeting new people and cultures in order to understand better the world I live in, and to explore myself. I value life has many exciting opportunities and I approach it with a positive 'can-do' attitude to get the most out of my time, and others around me.